Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wishing You All Happy Women's Day.

Wishing You All Happy Women's Day.

I would like to take this opportunity to share secrets about 2 super women's in my life..

Off course I would start with my most beautiful angel ... My Mom... she is one who taught me importance of family & self independence..

Handling home & job is never easy.. she proved me how to manage both & still enjoy the life...She taught not only importance of dreams , but also how to live them...

Mom you have been a perfect daughter, sister, mother & dad loves you soo much.. :) bestest wife too...

Secondly , my mother in law... yes !  I am lucky to have 2 moms ... I learnt one of the best thing from to manage home in best way... she is perfect ..

She motivates me to handle home , handle my married life perfectly..

Guys .. we women live life mostly for others .. we are considered to live , think, take decisions , walk, sit, talk ....list is long as per people around us..

But, after doing all this we generally get lost in converting our self in some one else... !

Please don't lose yourself... its okay... listen to people around .. respect them.. do what they want... but do not disrespect your wishes ... your dreams.. your identity ...& your uniqueness...

You don't have to be some one else.. do things what you feel is right... & people will love you the way you are.. anything done or said with pure heart & honesty touches hearts...

I am proud of people I am surrounded with... they are awesome... but at the same time i know few who are not lucky as I am..

Why still this society even after so many good schools n colleges do not want to think freely..

Each one has all the rights to live life they want to live..

Guys ... today when sometimes I look back .. I see my mom getting up early .. preparing food for family... getting us ready for school ... going to work ... coming back ... again making snacks & dinner... starting & ending up her day in kitchen..

But , at that time I never thought about this... our moms ... grand moms ... actually lived for us completely...

They have given us all the comfort ...without giving a thought about them self... yes its wonderful... sounds good too.. but don't they deserve some more happiness ? Some more of them self? Some more of life ?... Yes !

I hats off to all such women's across the globe.. value them ... its not their duty .. sorry.. its their love for you...

Also , at the same time .. I would like to say that ... time has changed do not have to repeat the past.. be yourself... respect elders ... dream ... & enjoy the life...

Be You.. You Are Special .

Happy Women's Day... find your self.. find your happiness & get your life back... your smile can change the world..:)

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